Flinging Christmas trees at the Knut festival

Happy New Year and merry Epiphany! Growing up Presbyterian, I had never heard of Epiphany or Three Kings day, but now that I know I will share– my apologies to anyone who understands it better than I, this is just a quick intro to how we experience it in Germany. January 6 marks the epiphany, and brings the 12 days of Christmas to an end. In some states in Germany it is a public holiday, but for all Germans it marks the beginning of the carnival or festival season.  Continue reading

Year Two in the Books

Last week marked our second anniversary in Germany. If our first year over here was a year of exploration and excitement, our second could be said to be that of settling. More weekends than not we settled into the couch and stayed home, had bbq’s with friends, or took Brock to a local indoor playground, but I think that is an okay thing to do. This year was the year for our family to relax and enjoy each other.

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Sunday Fun-day in the woods

Hi friends! It has been a while since my last blog, for sure! Brock and I spent about a month back home in New Jersey and Fil has been away in the Czech Republic and currently Norway, BUT Brock and I are back in Germany and back to exploring!

We jumped right back into the swing of things by planning a Halloween party for Fil’s company, which was a huge hit, carved pumpkins AND met Brock’s kindergarten teacher. That’s right, Brock is going to start attending the German kindergarten in our village! We are very excited, and he seemed to really like being there when we went the other day for orientation.  Continue reading

Jousting at Manderscheid

Last week we traveled back to the Middle Ages. It is a bit embarrassing to say this was our first medieval festival because of the amount of these festivals that happen, but alas we made it to one.

About an hour away in the Eifel region of Germany we found Manderscheid. It could not have been any easier to get to. Just a few kilometers off the autobahn we parked in a field and took a bus right to the entrance of the lower castle ruin, Niederburg. I think I can easily say these ruins were the best we have seen. Continue reading

Canon Fire at Home

April showers are supposed to bring May flowers but this year it seems that April showers brought May storms and flooding. All around us we see pictures of the mass flooding and watch the water levels rise and rise… also the patience level of a toddler who desperately wants to play in his sandbox drop and drop. This past week we had a bit of a change. On days when we got 2 hours of no rain (note that I didn’t say sunny blue skies) we got outside and did what we could to combat the jungle like weeds that were taking over our front garden.


Literally toddler sized weeds sprung up in a matter of days. Snails were crawling all over our cement walkways and our lawn, well dandelion field, was up to Brock’s waist. But with our short windows we took advantage and started pulling weeds and playing with our outside toys. Today seemed to be the first turn of the weather. Blue skies and temperatures around 70. What a treat! So we packed in the jogging stroller and set off on a nice walk around town. And that walk is what inspired this blog post today. Continue reading

Luxembourg Duck Race

Europe even does charity events better! On Saturday Brock and I drove the hour into Luxembourg for the annual duck race. 15,000 plastic ducks would be let loose on a river in Luxembourg city, racing to the finish line. Each duck could be sponsored for €5 and the sponsor of the winning duck would win a brand new Suzuki Vitara! How fun! I pre-ordered our 6 ducks online and was assigned numbers 14215 through 14220. The weather was a bit iffy that day so I was in no rush to get to the event early, but we did make it just in time. Continue reading