9 Hours in Paris

Happy New Year everyone! 2018 is going great so far for us over here. The big news is that our big boy is really a big boy. NO MORE DIAPERS FOR BROCK! We are very proud of how quickly he took to the training, and he is very proud of himself. Maybe TMI, especially for my opening paragraph, but he is especially proud of his “big dinosaur poops” in the potty. What a funny kid! This New Year has also brought relief from a stressful situation at work for Fil, and a fantastic visit from the newlyweds, Fil’s sister Sara and her husband Chris. We had an absolute blast with them in Germany, and an experience in Paris!  Continue reading

Spending Kuna in Pula… Kind of

Croatia is part of the European Union but still uses it’s own currency, Kuna, and it is truly hard to get rid of. With an exchange rate of 1:7 it might feel like you are spending a lot, but everything is so cheap it is actually hard to spend all the Kuna you took out of the ATM. So what, you might say. Issue is that a lot of banks around where we live don’t exchange Kuna because of the rate, so if you don’t spend it, I guess you could frame it and hang it on the wall… which we may do since the coins had fish on them and Fil, being Fil, thought it was great that there were tuna on kuna ;).  Continue reading

Fisher Fest Battle

July has been a month full of festivals in our area of Germany. Summer festivals, cherry festivals, spieβbraten festivals, church festivals, lake festivals and of course fisher festivals! Some of these events are meant to celebrate a seasonal food, harvest, or floral bloom and others are just for community spirit. The food celebrations are the best (of course) because of the delicious food but also because in Germany the grocery stores stock only in season fruits and vegetables so they are really a treat. You cannot buy a watermelon in December, and you can only buy white asparagus during the April/May season. So as the strawberries disappear from the shelves I have noticed them being replaced with Johannisbeere, John’s berries, aka red currant. Side note- they are too tart for Brock but made a great sauce for our pork roast the other night. Continue reading

Forbidden chocolate?

Yesterday was our first trip inside a German grocery store. Baumholder is big enough to have one while most villages have a butcher shop, a bakery, and maybe a small market all separate. It was a bit overwhelming. While I could recognize the produce and pasta, that was about it. You would be surprised how hard it can be to buy butter. I know it will get better as we start to learn German, but for now I think I’ll stick to the Commissary which has more recognizable foods.  Continue reading